Aluminium Heat Treatment

sciprotec aluminium annealing furnaces can be used in the following heat treatment processes

  • recovery annealing
  • stress relief annealing
  • soft annealing (recrystallization annealing)
  • homogenising annealing
  • stabilising annealing
  • age hardening (natural and artificial aging)

sciprotec aluminium annealing furnaces are characterized by a high temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity over the material to be heat treated. This ensures optimum workpiece quality and long-term reproducibility of the results.

All technical data of the sciprotec aluminium annealing furnaces at a glance:

Temperature accuracy:up to ±2°C
Heating system:gas, electric
Heating capacity:from 10 to 5000 kW Heizleistung
Throughput:20 to 8000 kg/h
Temperature range:120 °C – 620 °C, depending on the application
Control systems:Siemens S7, PC control system
Insulation:fiber insulation
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