Steel Heat Treatment

sciprotec ovens for production-oriented treatment processes such as:

  • stress relief annealing
  • soft annealing
  • normalising
  • coarse-grain annealing
  • diffusion annealing
  • recrystallisation annealing

sciprotec furnaces for stress-oriented and thermochemical heat treatment such as:

  • hardening
  • annealing
  • bainitising
  • surface hardening
  • carburising
  • carbonitriding
  • nitriding
  • nitrocarburising

sciprotec ovens are characterised by high temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity of the heat-treated materials.

This allows for optimum workpiece quality and long-term reproducibility of the results.

Trial operation in our final assembly guarantees short assembly and commissioning times.. The integration into your production process is fast and secure.

Our conveyor technology and special machine construction products enable optimal linking of individual industrial furnace systems.

Sciprotec transport systems ensure the exact adherence to process and cycle times, which are of crucial importance for the quality and reproducibility of the treatment results.

Furthermore, sciprotec integrates robots and automatic rack storage in heat treatment plants.

Technical specifications

All technical data of the sciprotec ovens at a glance:

temperature accuracy:up to ±2°C
heating:gas, electric
power:10 to 5000 kW heating power
throughput power:20 to 8000 kg/h
temperature range:120 °C – 1300 °C, depending on the application
controlling and timing:Siemens S7, PC control system
inner casing:gastight inner casing on demand
insulation:fibre insulated or brick lined
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